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Thank you Laura Fletcher and family for the great pictures and kind words.  Hope you come back soon  – Capt Paul

New Bern Adventure:   After the kids got their swim in the hotel pool, we made the 5-minute walk to the Adventureship Bolero for our Sunset Sail. Captain Paul greeted us warmly and started with a quick safety speech for the kids. The clouds had gathered and looked a bit ominous. Captain Paul kept a close watch on radar and after a quick shower, the sky cleared overhead.  It was time to set sail!

Drake’s turn to be Captain of the Bolero, New Bern, NC  Photo by Laura Fletcher

Mia with Captain Paul on the Bolero, New Bern, NC  Photo by Laura Fletcher

Captain Paul was so good with the Drake and Mia. He quizzed them on sailing terms (we had a sail boat so they knew some of them), allowed them to help put up the sails and gave them a captains hat to wear while steering the vessel. He also gave the history of the area in a way they could understand including topics such as pirates, storms and shipwrecks. Drake and Mia were mesmerized! He even put on some music for us. “Gilligan’s Island” theme song anyone?

Rainbow over Neuse River, New Bern, NC    Photo by Laura Fletcher

Sun setting over New Bern, NC   Photo by Laura Fletcher

With the storm still in the area, we did hear some thunder and were also lucky to see a beautiful rainbow.  Even though it was a little soggy, we moved out to enjoy the benches under the sails.  Nothing like feeling the wind in your hair and hear the quiet lapping of water against the bow.  And the sunset didn’t disappoint either.  What a glorious sight!  Thanks to Captain Paul for a great experience on the Neuse River.